Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Alex and Ani Bracelets!

It is no secret now that I am beyond obsessed with Alex and Ani bracelets- they are such a hot trend right now and I warn you, once you start you will never want to stop. These bracelets are seriously addicting!
I have a whole wrist-full of silver bracelets now, which I adore, but sometimes I do venture into the land of golden accessories... So I desperately wanted to get some gold bracelets as well. 
Lucky me, my fab boyfriend purchased me 11 golden bracelets- they came together in a set! Unlike my other silver set, this golden set is primarily beaded, which is fantastic.  
It also came with two classic charmed bracelets- the Eye of Horus and the Feather charm! I love all of the variations, it is actually really fun to mix and match them with silver bracelets too!
Buy Alex and Ani bracelets on their website


  1. This Ani bracelets are look so attractive.The elegant jewellery enhance our status symbol as well as to enhance personality.

  2. Alex is a great designer....His bracelet collection is really unbeatable.


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