Sunday, August 4, 2013

C Wonder- My Favorite Preppy Paradise

Attention prepsters- I have found the holy grail of prep! Introducing C Wonder- I am in love! I have been on C Wonder's email list for quite some time, but had not purchased anything yet. While in the Hamptons this past weekend I stumbled upon the bright and fun C Wonder store- basically a candy store for preppy chic fashionistas. I found way too many things that I loved- and of course bought up lots of the store, including monogrammed sweaters, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. You'll see plenty of posts with my goodies in the coming few weeks!
Now on to one of my favorite summer prep purchases of this past weekend, this C Wonder golden anchor necklace! How fabulous is this? And you can tell it is made really well, it looks so expensive, preppy and summery! I ave already worn it a few times and have received tons of compliments. This stunning necklace is so perfect to pair with anything from a simple black dress to a fab Lilly frock.
You can purchase this anchor necklace at C Wonder (in stores)
Retail price: $78

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