Sunday, September 8, 2013

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Obsession

I can never get enough of the Neverfull bag by Louis Vuitton. It is the most perfect bag for anything and everything, comes in an array of colors and special edition prints, and best of all - it is super durable and perfect for every day wear.
I got my first Neverfull (LV classic print, MM size) about 5 years ago now. It immediately became one of my favorites and my go-to daily bag. I loved it so much that about a year later I purchased another! This time the Damier print in GM size. This bag, although a bit too large at times I will admit, has also become a staple. It fits SO much inside, and I love the contrast of the red interior, such a fun pop of color.
Next, because my love affair just couldn't end, last year I had a custom LV made for me- Mon Mono. This bag Is actually one of my favorite purses in my entire collection, I love that it was custom made for me and that no one else has one! The amazing blue stripe, monogram and stunning interior really make this bag stand out. Check out my post on Mon Mono here: Fab-YOU-lous: Mon Monogram Louis Vuitton Neverfull
I just purchased my fourth Neverfull last weekend, and of course, I continue to be obsessed. This is a print that I have wanted for quote some time- the Damier Azur. I purchased it in the MM size, which is what I've found to be the most practical and best size for day to day use.
The one deterrent for me, which is why I waited so long to buy it, It that the bag is super white both inside and out so I am being crazy careful because I don't want it to get dirty!! I know that the leather canvas is super durable on all of my other LV bags, so here's hoping that my new baby stays white!
What can I say- I love myself a LV Neverfull! Always have and always will! Do any of you fashionistas have Neverfulls? Which color and size? Let me know in a comment on this post!

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