Monday, May 9, 2011

Leopard-Print TOMS

Say hello to my new favorite go-to pair of shoes, the Neiman Marcus exclusive TOMS Leopard-Print Canvas Slip-ons. These are my third pair of TOMS (Check out my other two here: Fab-YOU-lous: To die for TOMS! and Fab-YOU-lous: TOMS Silver Glitters). 
My favorite thing about TOMS Shoes is their mission, "One for One"- the company donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased, which is absolutely amazing.  On top of this wonderful mission, TOMS are super cute, stylish, and comfortable
My newest pair of TOMS, the edgy and trendy Leopard-Print style, are a great addition to my collection. The shoe is made of a brown/tan leopard-print canvas with contrast top stitching, has a beautiful TOMS hardware logo tag on the back heel in gold. The lining is in a bright and bold red fabric, which I LOVE! I can't wait to rock these shoes all summer long, they are perfect and such a great purchase. 
The TOMS Leopard-Print Canvas Slip On is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. 
Retail Price: $95.00


  1. i cannot find these on the neiman marcus website :( do you have any idea where i could buy these?

  2. Which Neiman Marcus store did you purchase these at? I am DESPERATELY trying to find them, but they are not online. You're help would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. Hello- Thanks for viewing my blog! I purchased these at the Neiman Marcus in the Natick Mall (in Natick, MA). However, I purchased them in April, which is about 8ish months ago so I highly doubt that they would still have them. I found a similar (and cheaper) version of them at Nordstrom (link below). Hopefully that helps! xox

  4. They sell some at the swapmeet lol .

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