Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Glamour Era- Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Whenever I go by a MAC store I always ask the makeup artists who work there what they have that is new and fabulous. Well yesterday I was introduced to an amazing new lipstick that I had to share.

Introducing the new Mineralize Rich lipstick, a new masterpiece for lips by MAC! This lipstick has a luxurious, lightweight formula enhanced with 77-Mineral Moist complex for nutrient-rich moisture.

The impact is amazing! You get instantly softer and smoother lips with fabulous color. The packaging on this lipstick is new and so sleek- this larger lipstick "bullet" delivers a fuller, smoother application in a single stroke. It's awesome!

This new formula comes in 12 new shades with bright, colour retention. I purchased "Glamour Era"- it is the perfect color for a day at work or a night out- neutral with a rouge undertone.

Retail price: $22

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