Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hermes H Clic-Clac Bracelet

Want the chicest wrist around? We all know that wrists full of bangles are everything in fashion right now... And everyone who is anyone is sporting one of these iconic enamel bracelets. Check out the  Hermes enamel H Clic-Clac Bracelet.
The bracelet comes in 20+ colors, so naturally it was difficult to choose. After a long deliberation over which color to get, I finally decided on the iconic and classic Hermes orange. I was nervous that such a bold color wouldn't go with everything, but boy was I wrong! I have had my clic-clac bracelet for about 5 months now, and I honestly find myself wearing it almost every single day! It is just so chic and fabulous, the orange actually goes with almost everything.
My Hermes Bracelet!
My bracelet looks awesome stacked with other jewels, or worn alone- either way, I am beyond obsessed! What do you think of the clic-clac? Do you have one of your own? What color is your fav?

You can purchase exclusively at Hermes stores (limited colors are available on the Hermes website)
Retail price varies by thickness, ranging from about $700-$1000.

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