Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Want it Wednesday!

Who couldn't want this? Especially if you are obsessed with Hello Kitty like myself! Such a splurge and so unnecessary, but beyond fun! This lovely Hello Kitty Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror is made with Swarovski Elements. Featuring hundreds of brilliant Swarovski crystals that encrust the surface of this truly spectacular mirror, you will want to be staring at yourself all day long!
The back side of this mirror features a crystal-encrusted Hello Kitty with a bow in her hair. The mirrored side has a wide face that's perfect for doing your own hair. Entire length is 10" by 6.5" at its widest point; mirror is a 5.5" oval. This product includes a black velveteen travel pouch. For safe shipping, it is packaged in a special jewel box.

Although it is stunning, it rings in at a whopping $350 at Sephora.What do you think of this fabulous mirror? Would you splurge for it? 

1 comment:

  1. I DO want it but could think of a few other things I'd sooner spend $350 on. Just found your blog and love! Adding you to my list of recommended on my blog.


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