Friday, January 7, 2011

My Winter Necessity: Tights, Tights, and More Tights!

It is a rare occasion that you will ever see me in pants, and living in New England this can become an issue in the freezing winter weather. This leads to me accumulating a large assortment of fabulous tights so that I can still wear dresses but avoid frostbite (or at least try)! So I wanted to do a post of my favorite pairs of tights and give suggestions for fabulous fashionistas with cold legs:
My most-worn and favorite style is definitely plain black opaque tights, they are such a necessity! I always have at least 3 pairs on me at all times- you never know when you need them (and unfortunately you never know when they may run). I would personally recommend the DKNY Control Top Opaque Tights, they last a long time, are comfortable, and are flattering on all figures. These are available at Nordstrom for $15. 
SPANX makes great tights, they have awesome colors and designs with an amazing high-waisted control top. This fun design by SPANX is great- the 'Bloom' Lace Tights are perfect to add something extra to an outfit. These are available at Nordstrom for $28
A fun, classy, and youthful printed tight is a sheer black background that features dots or small hearts. These Nordstrom Heart Patterned Sheer Tights are a must have for every fashionista's tight collection. These are available at Nordstrom for $10. 
Just because it is frosty outside doesn't mean you have to be freezing- There are many amazing tights options that suit every fashionista's specific personality! Do you have a favorite style or pattern of tights? Let me know in a comment on this post- Thanks for reading, and enjoy the chilly weather!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Girl

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  1. OMG Annie I loved this post! I NEVER wear pants either so I am on the constant lookout for new tights and leggings. Loved your suggestions. Betsy Johnson also carries some adorable tights that fit really well. Check them out!


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