Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowy Weather Tip

With all of this snow in the northeast it is sometimes hard to stay fashionable but still be functional. This leads me to my snowy weather tip of the day: Always wear rain boots in the snow!
For years upon years I wore leather boots or UGG boots in the snow and my feet would always be freezing; sometimes my feet would even be wet because the boots soaked up the snow/slush/water which penetrated through the boot and my sock, leaving me with cold sopping wet feet (not fashionable, functional, or fun at all!) Rain boot are made completely of rubber, which repels any water and keeps your whole foot, ankle, and leg dry no matter what. Be sure to buy boots that have a textured rubber sole for increased traction, allowing you to have a slip free experience.
My two favorite, go-to pairs of rain boots are Hunter Boots that I previously blogged on (Click here: Fab-YOU-lous: Hunter Rain Boots) and these fabulous Burberry boots that can be seen above. I started wearing tall rain boots in the snow just a few years ago, and the difference is amazing! Never again will I have to suffer through having wet feet from wearing UGGs or any other type of boot- Rain boots are the only way to go when it is snowing! 
Another helpful hint: wear thick fuzzy socks with your boots or invest in a pair of Hunter "Welly Socks"- they will keep you toasty all day long! Stay warm and dry, fashionistas!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Girl

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  1. Obsessed with rain boots; such a good post! I'm dying for some lace-up boots like the ones in your first picture- have you seen any around?


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