Monday, February 21, 2011

Manly Monday!

HAPPY MANLY MONDAY! I am so happy to bring back a fabulous Manly Monday post by one of my fav manly bloggers, Aaron Hartman! So without any further adieu, here is Aaron :

With Valentines day come and past I’ve heard a lot of the same things from girlfriends with significant others of the male variety. “Guys are so hard to buy for.” And compared to girls, of whom, many are happy with the old standards like flowers and jewelry, guys can be difficult to make a gift purchase for. And unless your man is fond of prepackaged meat and non-perishable cheeses, a gift basket delivered to his office are out of the question.

So what is a girl to do. Take advice from your friendly neighborhood Manly Monday writer of course! What I propose to you fashonistas is the Manly Monday Morning Gift Basket, everything your man could need to get ready for the day packed up for him in a nice neat basket. While every man’s basket should be tailored accordingly to their taste I propose you this blueprint...

1) A nice button down and tie combo:
Try to find a color or pattern that your man doesn’t have (just be sure not to stretch him to far out of his comfort zone, not everyone is ready for a pink paisley button down). Choose a color to make his eyes pop. More important than anything though is buy a shirt that fits him correctly. There’s an epidemic out their of baggy billowing button downs, lets put an end to it. John Varvatos has some great patterns, and all of his shirts fit amazingly. As for tie, introduce a knitted one to his rotation, check out Valentine for some great options.

2) An accessory
You can look back at my Accessory Boot Camp post for ideas but I might also suggest getting your man a nice pair of cuff-links. It’s a small detail on a man’s outfit that adds a real nice touch (shop for them at Tiffany’s and have some fun checking out everything else there). Another option is the suspender. I myself am on a personal mission to bring this look back into the mainstream and let me tell you I’ve been getting a lot of support and encouragement. Ben Sherman has some fun suspenders that don’t make you think “is this guy a middle school math teacher?”

3) The undergarments
While a nice new pair of underwear is always appreciated, think lower, all the way down to his feet. There’s nothing like putting on a fresh pair of dress socks. Another great chance to add some color to his wardrobe that he might not add himself. There are also some great undershirts out there made of some truly soft fabrics. Check out Calvin Klein's undershirts and tanks for some quality fabrics.

4) The Travel Item
If your man spends a good part of his morning commuting find something to add a little more style to his subway ride. Perhaps a nice leather travel case for his kindle or iPad? If you have a coffee drinker why not go eco-friendly and get him a nice ceramic travel mug, Crate and Barrel has some classy, clean cut ones to add to the gift basket. 

Well there you have it ladies, a great gift idea for the next time your man deserves something special. Get them all to make one great gift or spread the love out and give your beau a little something nice to brighten up his day. And never forget that a home cooked meal is something that never goes out of style. 

Thanks for the great post, Aaron- Happy Manly Monday, Fashionistas!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Girl 

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