Saturday, December 10, 2011

NARS Douceurs de Paris Palette

My obsession with NARS ensues with my absolute favorite new palette of eyeshadows, the NARS Douceurs de Paris Palette.
Colors in this palette include:
First Row (from left): Nepal, Violetta , Demon Lover
Second Row (from left): Cordura, Abyssinia, Fez
I adore NARS eyeshadows, as they are extremely pigmented and perfect for blending. By mixing and layering the shadows in this kit, you can create beautiful color combinations that will make everyone fascinated  by your eyes. 
This palette features a group of delicate shadows, shimmering accents, and deep colors. The possibilities are endless with this palette: Sweep lids with the earthy neutrals and floral hues, dust the lavender and shimmering rose shades to brighten, and layer with a delicate pearl sheen for ultra femininity. You can even build color for a more dramatic effect with the lovely attention grabbing indigo or create a more smokey look with the velvety cocoa. 
Shadow look from the shades in this palette!
With textures ranging from translucent highlights and subtle mattes to shimmering glitters, this can be your one-stop palette for everyday! It has absolutely turned into mine, I take it everywhere with me! 

The Douceurs de Paris Palette is available on
Retail Price: $55

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