Monday, November 8, 2010

CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Polish

This is a revolutionary new product for nails! Shellac is a breakthrough nail technology, created by CND, that combines the easy application of nail polish with the permanentness and shine of gel nails. Shellac does absolutely no damage to your nails, but last for 14 days! To make it even better, there is absolutely no drying time involved! Shellac polish is cured under a UV light, which makes it hard, shiny, and completely dry when your treatment is finished.
My First Shellac Manicure- French Finish
I got Shellac put on my nails just a few days ago, and I love it! I chose to have a French finish put on my nails instead of using a plain color. They look amazingly shiny and are perfectly smooth- they feel exactly like regular nail polish on your fingers. 

After the treatment was over, my nail technician rubbed them with a paper towel, and they were 100% completely dry! I was so in shock because normally I feel like I can't use my fingers for hours after I get a manicure, but this is definitely not the case with Shellac- There is truly NO drying time.
I would completely recommend this service to anyone- if you hate waiting around for your nails to dry, want a manicure to last 14 days without any chips at all, and want a stunningly smooth and shiny mirror-finished nail, then Shellac is for you!

Find a salon that does Shellac near you:

My service with the French finish cost $35. For plain color it will cost around $25; however, this varies by salon.

Stay Fabulous xoxo 
~Miss Glamour Giirl


  1. I got this done back in July and unfortunately it cracked and peeled after just 4 days! Granted it was subjected to a 15 hour plane ride but still, I was very upset.

  2. I had this done yesterday and the same day mine were chipped.Unhappy :(


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