Monday, June 6, 2011

There's an Elephant on My Finger!

Finally, the elephant of my dreams has galloped (is that what elephants do?!) into my life and landed on my finger! I have been lusting over the nOir Goldie the Elephant Ring for months now... Well, I finally splurged and purchased it! I previously wrote about this over-the-top elephant ring in my first post about nOir jewelry (Check it out here: Fab-YOU-lous: nOir Jewelry ).
This Cubic Zirconia encrusted Pave Pink Elephant Ring is plated in Rhodium and made from solid brass. The elephant's tusks are 18K Gold plated. The cutest and most amazing part about this ring in my opinion is the adorable pearl held by the elephant trunk!
I am just so in love with this ring, it fulfills all of my statement jewelry dreams- Goldie the Elephant is perfection!
You can purchase this ring on nOir's website, Item number: RGSRC0263
Retail Price: $175.00

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