Friday, October 15, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds: Under $100

Every fashionista always needs a fool-proof extra little something to pull an outfit together. Well look no further, this is your must-have item! And ringing in at only $58, how can you resist?!
The stunning Nordstrom 10mm Long Strand Bead Necklace will add that extra sparkle and glamour that you are looking for. This dramatically long necklace can be worn single stranded, double stranded, or even triple stranded! This necklace is even more fabulous when layered to create a dynamic set (as shown on the model above- she is wearing 2 strands doubled up). 
I adore this necklace because it is so shiny and elegant. It is especially perfect to throw on to make an easy outfit transition from day-to-night. I would recommend this Fabulous Friday Find to any fashionista who loves a bit of sparkle and pizazz. 
You can purchase this week's Fabulous Friday Find at Nordstrom
Retail Price: $58 per strand

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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