Monday, October 25, 2010

Manly Monday!

Hello, fashionistas, and welcome to yet another fabulous Manly Monday! I am overjoyed to have the amazing duo of BLEUDENIM ( Nick and Jordan writing this Manly Monday post. I LOVE having fellow bloggers on here to guest blog! So without any further adieu, here are Nick and Jordan!
Over a 60 year period, Richard Avedon became the most influential as well as recognizable fashion photographer in America. His photos scattered the covers of countless issues of Harpers Bazaar and the visions he created have inspired the way fashion is captured and appreciated today.
Recently we were able to spend a night at the MFA to experience Avedon to the fullest. This is the first time since1978 that his work has been brought into such an extensive as well as comprehensive portrayal. From decade to decade, Avedon’s work is displayed with a sense of elegance and beauty, similar to that of his magnificent photos.
Avedon was at once a fashion photographer and an artist who concerned himself entirely with the beauty of the feminine form. He crafted sculptures from the most glamorous stars of the era and then painted them with light.We admired his work even though the art of photography is not something we actively pursue, as our favored art is style. It was an incredible experience that we would recommend to anyone.

Thanks again to Nick and Jordan for guest blogging. Have a fantastic Manly Monday, fashionistas! 

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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