Monday, October 4, 2010

Manly Monday!

Hello fashionistas, both men and women- Welcome to yet another FABULOUS Manly Monday! We have the honor of hearing from one of our favorite guest bloggers today, Aaron Hartman (who previously posted an accessories bootcamp for men that was AMAZING...Click here if you didn't get the chance to read it Fab-YOU-lous: Manly Monday). So without any further adieu, here is Aaron with his advice for all of the men readers....

There as always been a phrase in men’s fashion that has bothered me. “Boxers or Briefs.” It’s so limiting. Not to mention the two options are, in my opinion, the most boring of options. The truth is men have a lot of choices for the cloth downstairs. They run the spectrum of simple and functional, to completely aesthetically based. I like to have my day-to-day run somewhere in the middle.

I look at underwear in particular light. As I towel off from a shower in the morning and open my underwear drawer, I look inside too see a wealth of options. It maybe a random Tuesday, with no prospect of anyone seeing my underwear but me, but damn it, I want to look my best. Most days, I wear underwear just for me; my own little secret outfit choice I wear to give my self-esteem, and internal sex appeal a boost.

 Feel free to use that same mentality, or find your own reason to get away from boxers or briefs (ugh).  Start simple, if you’ve only ever worn boxers since puberty  (cause lets be honest we all know that as kids we only had tighty whities), go ahead and try the hybrid boxer briefs. And do yourself a favor and get a color other then grey, white or black. I think the reason I love underwear so much is because no matter what color I am wearing it always goes with my outfit. I don’t have to think about whether it matches or not. So take that mentality and go out and get a fun color. Express makes some great bright fluorescent colors this season, give them a try.

Once you are comfortable in boxer briefs its time to move on to big boy pants. This next cut is my personal favorite and almost exclusively what I wear. The square cut trunks. Take boxer briefs and cut off the boxer part and you have a pair of trunks. Covering a little more skin then briefs (and providing some much needed breathing room) trunks offer a great balance of sex appeal and functionality. I started my trunks collection at H&M who sells them in variety packs. It’s a great way to get started on having a great underwear collection. I was worried that H&M underwear would wear down fast but they have lasted me a couple of years and still going strong.

Alright now for the advance lesson. I am going to contradict myself now and say that it is in fact okay to wear briefs after the age of 10 with one important rule. Don’t buy Hanes. I don’t care what Michael Jordan says; you need to go with better quality underwear if you are going to pull of this look. has a great selection for shopping online. C-IN2 is a good go-to brand in particular but there are a lot out there. The important part with briefs (and why I say to avoid Hanes) is the fit. Go out and get a designer pair of briefs that fits, trust me no one will be calling them tighty whities any more. Once you’ve mastered these looks then you can go crazy- Nothing will be too ridiculous for you.

Thanks for reading, fashionistas! And once again, thanks to Aaron for guest blogging!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl & Aaron Hartman  

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