Sunday, October 31, 2010


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope that everyone has a fabulous day! I had such a blast this Halloween weekend- I thought that I would share some pictures of my costumes with you all! 
For one night I was the infamous LADY GAGA- I loved this costume, I really think the lightning bolt made the whole look come together.
For our big Halloween party, I was a dead zombie bride. My boyfriend (who is such a good sport) dressed along with me. We had gashes in our clothing and dirt, stitches, and blood everywhere. It was super creepy and scary, but I LOVED it!

Have a fabulous and safe Halloween, fashionistas! xoxo


  1. At first I only saw the black makeup under your eye, and I thought maybe you were some sort of ghost, but as soon as I saw the second picture I realized you were Lady Gaga. I love both of those costumes! Super cute and creative. And kudos on getting your bf in on the action! (:


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