Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go

Boy, do I love glitter nail polish- Painting on those thousands of sparkling flakes makes my nails look oh so pretty, but taking off this polish is a different story. Every time that I am tempted by my plethora of sparkling polish bottles, I always find myself thinking- Ugh, if I choose that sparkly polish I will have to take it off, what a pain! Well, fashionistas, I have found the perfect product to solve all of your nail polish dilemmas- meet Deborah Lippmann’s "Stripper To Go"!
Bring as obsessed with nail polish as I am, I love trying all fo the latest products in nail care. I received these Stripper To Go mitts in my June Birchbox (Click here for more info on Birchbox: Fab-YOU-lous: Birchbox

This sweet smelling, award-winning, totally effective nail polish remover is my new favorite! And how convenient- it is available in handy to-go packets! Each packet contain a “mitt” that has been soaked with The Stripper, a gentle but effective polish remover. The lavender formula has a soothing scent, plus aloe to moisturize nails and cuticles.
You simply open up the packet and slip the mitt onto your fingertip to remove your old polish. One mitt will definitely last you long enough to remove all of the polish on both of your hands. These are perfect for emergency polish removal or for traveling, they are super small and sealed in a little packet so they are safe to take with you anywhere.

I am so excited that I discovered this product- Bring it on, sparkle nail polishes, I'm not scared of your removal anymore!

You can purchase the Stripper To Go Mitts at Birchbox and some department stores (Such as Nordstrom). 
Retail Price: 6 mitts for $12


  1. Yes! I am been wondering if those mitts are good. Thanks for the review. How have you liked Birchbox? Worth it?

  2. Hey Chelsea! Thanks for the comment- Absolutely, I would 100% totally recommend Birchbox. Especially lately the samples have been awesome full-sized products worth a lot more than the $10! Thanks for reading xoxo

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