Friday, July 29, 2011

First Worldwide Mobile Pop Up Shop

Fashionistas, check out the press release for this amazing opportunity! My good friends at GRETCHY have teamed up with STYLISH GIRL to create the first ever worldwide mobile pop-up shop for the iPhone! It opens up tomorrow (July 30th) at 12 Noon EST. Be sure to check it out, read all the fabulous details below!

Toronto-based STYLISH GIRL [], virtual closet and fashion shopping app, is excited to be partnering with Columbus, OH based GRETCHY [], members-only online retailer for discounted designer dresses and “trade ins”. “STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY” opens its pop up shop doors on July 30th, 2011 at 12 noon EST to a worldwide market via the iPhone . The 36 hour sale will feature limited quantity, current season, designer dresses for sample sale prices by favorite designer brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Emilio Pucci, Herve Leger, M Missoni, Elizabeth & James, and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY has leveraged the STYLISH GIRL virtual closet platform in a way that will definitely please! DDN Media’s Dimitar Popovski, STYLISH GIRL Co-Founder, says, "We received tons of emails from users telling us how they cannot wake up in the morning without checking the [STYLISH GIRL] app to see what outfit they will wear…a large portion of the users are heavily involved in seeing what is in the stores, making outfits and buying items online." Where STYLISH GIRL users catalogue their wardrobes via their iPhone, iTouch or iPad, GRETCHY members ”trade in” dresses in order to refresh their wardrobes. Gretchen Hackmann, GRETCHY Co-Founder, explains, “Our members can essentially build their own cash account to buy new dresses on GRETCHY by trading in dresses they will no longer wear. STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY will now further enable our members to visualize their dresses via iPhone, decide what new dresses they need to buy, and which dresses to trade in!” As Britt Hackmann, GRETCHY Co-founder, puts it, “Today’s fashion is all about maximizing the ROI on the clothes that you own and the clothes that you need to buy.”

In order to gain access to STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY’s 1st worldwide mobile pop up shop please download STYLISH GIRL Version 2.6, available on the app store now! Receive insider tips and alerts by signing up:

Sweepstakes: STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY kicks off with a stiletto and a twirl, announcing their search for their Worldwide Ambassador. This virtual closet queen will enjoy many perks and opportunities to grow within STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY as a blogger & PR girl. To enter, take a screenshot of your STYLISH GIRL virtual closet or your own wardrobe—whichever is better organized OR BOTH—and post the pic to GRETCHY’s Facebook page ( with title “STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY Sweepstakes”. Sweepstakes ends Friday July 29th at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on July 30th and will be chosen based on popularity (likes on Facebook), closet organization, what’s in your closet, and picture creativity. More information regarding the sweepstakes can be found online:
Join the conversation: follow @GRETCHY and @StylishandCool on Twitter. Use hashtag: #StylishGretchy Google+ Hangout: Meet the STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY team before the 1st worldwide mobile pop up shop and get insider tips right from the source! Not a member of Google+? Request an invite and you’ll receive an invitation from us! More information to come on Twitter and Facebook.

ABOUT STYLISH GIRL: STYLISH GIRL, (DDN Media) – fashion app enabling users to catalog their clothes, create amazing outfits, shop for latest fashion, share fashion with friends, and get inspired with stylist tips and looks. Stylish Girl was presented by Apple during New York Fashion Week 2009 and later featured in their global TV campaign for the App Store in 2010. The app has had more than one million downloads with 150000 monthly users worldwide. STYLISH GIRL can be reached at Email:

ABOUT GRETCHY: GRETCHY ( - members only online retailer for discounted designer dresses and trade ins. Members have access to current season designer dresses at 50-90% off the retail price as well as the ability to “trade in” their lightly worn dresses for credit to spend on their next dress purchase. Launched in September 2010, GRETCHY has quickly built up a reputation amongst customers as a “must-have” website for your “wardrobe-wallet” relationship. GRETCHY can be reached at Email:

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