Monday, August 22, 2011

Because I Can Never Settle for Less than 5 of Anything I Love...

I am guilty of it again.... Once I find something that I love, I become obsessive and buy it in every color, shade, variation, etc. Well, fashionistas, it has happened to me yet again... I am head over heels in love with Deborah Lippmann nail polishes- I have purchase 5 bottles in two weeks! My first splurges on her polish were with Bad Romance (purple glitter polish with a dark black background) and My Old Flame (a true pure red). I fell so in love with these long-lasting colors that I soon found myself splurging for more.
May I introduce the fabulous "Get This Party Started" nail trio by Deborah Lippmann. This set is an exclusive of Nordstrom and was introduced during their anniversary sale. I love the value that is always in a set of beauty products- It is a $54 value, for $42... always good to save a few dollars every change you can!
Candy Shop 
Happy Birthday 
Forget You
Get This Party Started, a set of three fabulous glitters lacquers, was inspired by the overwhelming demand for her best-selling Happy Birthday shade, which is basically confetti in a bottle. The set includes the amazing Happy Birthday shade, along with two new variations of this fabulously popular glitter: Forget You, with a black base, and Candy Shop, with a bubblegum-pink base.
I won't lie, I was skeptical, having tried many glitter polishes in the past that were thin and looked awkward. I understoof all of the hype about this brand after using some of Lippmann's other shades, which really impressed me, so I figured that I would give these glitters a shot because Deborah Lippmann has a reputation for being the best out there when it comes to glitter nail polish.
Trust me, this set will NOT disappoint. You can layer the glitter on over any of your favorite polishes or wear it alone. The best part is how smooth it comes out and how little you need to use! As seen above, I layered Happy Birthday over my manicure with Lippmann's My Old Flame- I only used ONE coat!
As seen in the above photo, I layered Candy Shop over my pedicure of Lippmann's Bad Romance, and the outcome was fabulous! Again, I only used one coat! Can you believe it?!
As seen in the above photo, I painted one of my nails as an accent with Candy Shop. On my other nails is Essie Limo Scene, my favorite light pink/clear shade. I love the look of having one nail painted with a fun, pure glitter shade- Candy Shop is perfect! 
From now on, I am a die-hard true fan of Deborah Lippmann polishes. I absolutely adore her fun shades and festive glitters and will absolutely be purchasing more! They last extremely long chip-free, go on smooth, and have such a vibrant potent color- I promise your nails will look absolutely stunning!
'I love how festive all three look and feel, whether wrapped around a champagne glass or peeping out of a glamorous pump. But what I truly love the most: how a few coats of any shade instantly transforms you into the life of the party.' - Deborah Lippmann

You can purchase the Get This Party Started set at Nordstrom.
Retail Price: $42

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