Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Accessories!

It is a new school year, so why not outfit your life with fabulous fun things to make you actually excited to go to class?! Laptop accessories and cute class items are a great place to start!
I purchased this fabulous Vera Bradley laptop skin at a boutique in Connecticuit and I just absolutely love it! It comes in a large sheet to fit up to a 17" laptop with a guide to cut it for all laptop sizes. It only took me about 10 minutes to cut it to match my laptop's size and to apply it. 
This removable, protective cover dresses up any ordinary laptop surface and doesn't leave behind any sort of sticky reside if you decide to take it off. I love the pattern that I got, called "Very Berry Paisley", but tons of others are available online.
Another lovely and fun treat that I purchased for this school year is a fabulously colorful journal/notebook that I literally take with me everywhere to jot down notes at meetings. This gorgeous print is called "Hope Garden"
And of course with a journal you need a pen. I purchased this beautiful pen to go with my notebook, the whole set is perfect together!

I love all of my new school accessories! Anything that is a must have for you this new school season?! Let me know in a comment on this post!

You can check out the patterns and buy products online at
Laptop Skin: $16
Hold That Thought Journal in Hope Garden: $14
Ball Point Pen: $19

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