Monday, September 6, 2010

Manly Monday

Happy Monday, fashionistas- You know what that means, it is time for another amazing Manly Monday post! This week we have a dear friend of mine, Mike Gurevich, here to guest blog for us. So without any further adieu, here is Mike.

To start of my first blog for my dear, dear friend Annie, I will introduce myself. My name is Mike Gurevich and I am well known for being the best person ever to Annie at all times. Today I am going to open your eyes to the amazingness that is Logitech Z2300 Speakers. A good set of speakers is what a man really needs to impress the ladies. Now, it is also imperative that you do NOT over compensate with those gigantic set of speakers “big shots” usually get to make their other shortcomings less noticeable. The 2.1 set of Logitech Z2300 is the perfect way to establish credibility as a music connoisseur without going over the top. This is what they look like.

Their sleek design and fairly small size makes them a perfect fit for any setting, especially a dorm room. Living in a fraternity house, I can tell you that these have carried me through many parties and impressed a great deal of ladies.

Logitech has gone above and beyond with this product. My good friend DJ Arnet has made a great deal of money dj’ing with these speakers. Now of course he does not use them now but when he was starting out Logitech Z2300 was his go-to equipment.

Great for movies as well, just finished watching Saving Private Ryan (the ultimate guy’s movie) with these speakers and I felt as though I was at the movies. The sound was crisp and overall, well..... mind-blowing. I’ll just leave you with this, I have had these speakers up so loud I couldn’t hear myself think, but I have never had them turned all the way up, I’m too scared.

Thanks for reading this week's Manly Monday, and thanks again to Mike for posting about these awesome speakers!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl & Mike Gurevich


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  2. someone super wise once said "go bass or go home." words to live by :) PS I think it was Buddha or Jesus or something or maybe it was Little Wayne

  3. Annie come see my speakers! - bring Miss Aretha 250cc with! (Saki won't stop bugging me.)


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