Thursday, June 10, 2010

Airbrushed Perfection

Airbrushed Perfection....Well, not quite. I have been eyeing the TEMPTU airbrush makeup system for quite some time now (every since it became available to purchase at Sephora). TEMPTU has revolutionized the makeup world with this new system, meant for at home and everyday use. TEMPTU's makeup system was created for the everyday fashionistas, like ourselves- giving us access to purchasing an airbrushing system like the professionals use on models and celebrities.

I was ready to purchase this TEMPTU product and all of its bells and whistles online before my lovely Mother knocked some sense into me (Thank God) and told me to go to the store and ask for a demonstration before purchasing the pricey airbrushing system.

So off I went frolicking to the mall, obviously my favorite place on earth, to test out the system at Sephora. I began my free demo, and I thought everything was going well. The sensation when the makeup artist was airbrushing my face was that it was cold, felt weird, and smelt interesting (kind of a weird smell, I wasn't too fond of it, but I figured I could get used to it).

She applied foundation, blush, and highlighter and showed me how to interchange the different pods into the airbrushing system, which all seemed simple enough. So I was done with my trial and on my way home to show my skeptical Mom. I was so excited about it- I looked great in the store, and thought she would say I looked fabulous as well, but quite the opposite occurred. She screamed and said my face was hairy!! WHAT?! I definitely do not have a hairy face, and no woman EVER wants to hear that their face is hairy!! I looked in the mirror quick and it was true, my face looked abnormally and scarily hairy!!! EWWW!!

What happened- Did I begin the transition to becoming a warewolf during my short ride home? I retraced everything that happened in my mind and remembered the Sephora employee saying that you have to be careful with the way you apply the airbrush (only point it down and not up) because if you don't your face will look crazy hairy- the makeup particles get stuck to the hairs on your face and amplify them I guess. Well, clearly she didn't follow her own rule because I looked like an animal and it was all due to the system.

Long story short, I am so thankful that I didn't just dish out the big $$$ to purchase this system before trying it out myself in person. I much prefer to stick to my regular "old-fashioned" ways of makeup application in order to keep my normal hairless and non-warewolf looking face.

Verdict= Glad I tried it, but will not be rushing back to buy it (2/5 stars).

You can purchase the TEMTU airbrushing system at Sephora (in stores and online).
The airbrushing system retails for $225, Refillable pods for foundation, blush, and highlighter range from $30-$55 for each individual pod.

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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