Monday, June 28, 2010

My Most-Loved Necklace

I have always been a jewelry lover, but never in my life have I ever loved a necklace more than this one. My classic Chanel long pearl necklace with interlocking C's is my absolute FAVORITE!

I dreamed about purchasing this necklace for a very long time, and finally splurged and received it as an early Christmas present last year from my amazing parents :) I had seen countless pictures of celebrities, socialites, and fashionistas alike sporting their Chanel pearl necklaces, which only increased my love and obsession for it, and made me want it even more.

This Chanel piece is classic and timeless- pearls, I promise you, will never go out of style. The interlocking C's are not too flashy or bold, but still let you know that the necklace is Chanel. You can wear this piece long (my preferred way) or double it up and wear it short. I love wearing this necklace with a simple black dress, black tights, and black & white shoes, which totally reinforces the classic Chanel black & white look.
Whenever I put this necklace on it truly makes me feel special- it is the most beautiful necklace I own and I know that I will treasure, appreciate, and love it for the rest of my life.

Do any of YOU have a piece of jewelry that makes you feel special?? How do you wear it?? Please share in a comment on this post, I would LOVE to hear about it! Thanks for reading, fashionistas!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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