Friday, June 4, 2010

Harem Pants- Trend or Travesty?

I have been wondering who decided that wearing pants that make you look like you're wearing an oversized diaper should be in fashion? Well, welcome to the emerging trend of "Harem Pants", a trend that I have unfortunately seen too much of in the fabulous fashion capital New York City.

Although considered fashion-forward and in the now, I personally find these pants disgustingly atrocious. They are the most unflattering things I have ever seen; Even a stick-thin model looks silly in them. The "dropped crotch" design could not be any worse, in my opinion, and attracts attention in all of the wrong ways.

Although truly a "statement piece" for the most daring fashionistas, I personally plan on steering clear of this trend. I hope that much like many other trends, it too will pass, and more importantly go away for a long,long, long time.

What do you thing- Fashion forward trend or fashion travesty??

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~ Miss Glamour Giirl

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if atrocious is strong enough. I think it's pretty tasteless; if someone is going for the "I don't care" or bohemian look - there are PLENTY of other options. This certainly is ridiculous! Outrageous, even! Start writing up tickets, Annie, the fashion police need to reach their quota.


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