Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favorite Purse EVER

Looking at my own personal collection of purses, which is honestly quite extensive (hey, some people collect art or stamps... I collect purses!), I have decided to write a post on my favorite purse that I own. This is such a hard post to write because I love all of my bags so much each for different reasons! But if I have to single it out to only one style, it would have to be from my favorite brand, Chanel.

The Chanel classic flap Maxi Jumbo purse is hands down my absolute favorite style bag that I own. Although I have determined my favorite style, I have a few bags in the Maxi Jumbo size, and I cannot decide between my two favorites- I love them both for such different reasons.
My first favorite is this silver lambskin flap with gold hardware. I am obsessed with glitz, rhinestones, metallics, and shiny things so this clearly is the perfect bag for me! When the Chanel sales rep brought this purse out from the back room I literally gasped- I knew it was perfect and made for me the second I saw it! I love wearing this bag so much, it really just adds such a "BAM!" factor to any outfit- I LOVE IT!
My second favorite is this 10c red caviar flap with silver hardware. This bag is honestly my dream bag- I actually went to the Chanel boutique when I bought my silver flap hoping/wanting to purchase a bright red flap instead; however, according to the sales rep, it "didn't exist" which literally almost made me cry, but that is another story.

Anyways, it is from the Chanel 10c (2010 cruise) collection and I got it for Christmas this past year. My amazing Mother spend HOURS calling every Chanel in the country and begging them to locate one of these bags since it was sold out everywhere (there were long waiting lists at every store). I was so happy and surprised when I opened it up on Christmas morning- It was the best present ever and I ADORE wearing this purse!
So now that you know my favorite bag, what is yours??? Comment on this post and let me know- I want to hear from all you fabulous fashionistas out there!! :)

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl


  1. I have to agree! My favorite bag is my Chanel 2.55! I have it in black with silver hardware and it is literally the most classic bag you will find! It goes with everything (except when wearing navy, I guess that's where you're red one would come in haha but even then there are ways to work around it by throwing in black shoes as well or something), and it always makes an outfit that much more classy! But I particularly love the vintage look that it can give for any edgy fashionista, such as myself. It looks awesome paired with anything from a cocktail dress to a leather biker jacket and skinny jeans!

  2. I love the Chanel 2.55, such a classic! Thanks for your comment, MK!!


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