Saturday, June 26, 2010

Technology of the Moment- iPad Review

I have been thinking about writing this post for quite some time now, but I wasn't sure how interested my blog readers would be about a technology review; however, when I looked back to my blog's original "mission statement" if you will, Fab-YOU-lous is committed to teaching others how to live a fabulous, stylish, and glamorous lifestyle, which I believe does include new, stylish, and hot technology such as the most saught-after technology piece at the moment- Apple's iPad!

I am a fortunate owner of an iPad, and purchased mine the week that Apple began selling them in stores (I have had it for several months now). I, like many others, are obsessed with all of Apple's technology- I own a MacBook, iPhone, iPod, and iPad and have gone through many versions of all of the above listed products. So naturally, I had to purchase the iPad immediately and add it to my Apple collection.
The screen is absolutely fabulous- the colors and depth of the pictures and graphics that you are holding right in your hands is amazing! The screen is the perfect size, but the iPad does get heavy if you are holding it upwright for awhile. A huge perk for this device is the battery life- It is phenomenal- I once had my iPad on and used it for 5 days without charging it!

I have downloaded pages and pages of apps, and I am very pleased with them all. Most have been free, but I splurged on a few that I thought were really cool, such as a stargazer application that shows you exactly where any constellation is in the sky using your iPad as a reference point. Also, I downloaded the Pages application, which is Apple's version of Word- This works well, but I would not recommend typing a long paper on this device, it is best for short edits to documents.

For someone who doesn't do much more than search the internet, check emails, use AIM, and play Solitare, this device allows me to do it all with ease. It is a great device for traveling due to its small size and light weight, as compared to a regular laptop; however, I still would not travel without my MacBook laptop as well, due to some of the missing features on the iPad, including: webcam, USB port (for camera, music, documents, etc.), and CD drive.
Overall, I enjoy my iPad very much, but definitely could live without it. The best way to describe its functionality is that it is in a space between the iPhone and MacBook, but doesn't replace either of them; therefore, making it a fun device, but definitely unnecessary if you, like myself, own an iPhone and a MacBook.

Verdict= 3/5 stars

You can purchase an iPad at Apple (online or in stores)
Retail Price: $500-$829

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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