Monday, June 14, 2010

A Shoe Necessity

Being a fashionista with a countless number of shoes, it is easy to notice which styles I actually wear frequently and which other styles end up just collecting dust in my closet. One shoe that I have found is actually a necessity and my most frequently worn is the ballerina flat, and more specifically, a pure black plain ballet flat shoe.

I know that the word "plain" is something that I personally cringe at due to my obsession with glitz, glamour, and typically being over-the-top. However, in this case, being plain is a necessity. Something that every fashionista needs is a plain black ballet flat- I promise it will be the most worn shoe in your closet.

Reasons why= This shoe will provide you comfort, while still allowing you to be able to look cute and chic. Black goes with everything (except navy, obvs), which makes this shoe universal and perfect with almost any outfit. The "plain" aspect of it is so important because this shoe is meant to just be a shoe, nothing more- it is perfect for days when you do not want to take anyones eyes off of your fabulous ensemble, or on days when you just need something functional yet stylish.

My black ballet flats have proven to be my most loved shoe out of all because of their cute, fun, and chic appearance- providing comfort and practicality is just the cherry on top! Experiment with this trend and enjoy!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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