Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eyebrow Threading

I have been getting my eyebrows waxed since middle school- I'm Italian, what can I say- I have always been *blessed* with big bushy thick eyebrows that need to be tamed. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by waxing them, so that is what I did every 2 weeks for years.
However, when I went to college, I couldn't go to my normal salon anymore because of the distance. It became very hectic trying to find a new place to get my brows waxed, and also due to my very busy schedule I found it hard to commit to an appointment time.
While walking along in the mall one day, looking for a place to get my brows waxed I came upon a threading salon that had just opened up. I had heard about eyebrow threading previously, and the practice of this hair removal method had always intrigued me... For quite a long time I just didn't understand it and was perplexed by how it worked and what it felt like. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in parts of India, the Middle and Far East, and is now gaining popularity in Western countries. This hair removal technique uses 100% cotton thread. This thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, allowing for more precise hair removal.
I decided to give eyebrow threading a shot because it was relatively inexpensive/normally priced at $15, and because you did not need to make an appointment, it was on a first come first serve basis. It felt very strange at first, especially compared to waxing- It is very hard to explain the feeling, but it only lasted around 10 minutes to get them done. The finished product was GORGEOUS, I couldn't believe how precise this practice was and how perfect my brows looked. Even better, it actually lasted longer than a wax because they were able to get every hair out, even those short stubborn ones that waxing misses.

Above is a video that I found on YouTube, it is an NBC review about threading- It shows people getting their eyebrows threaded, and explains the practice a bit more.

Have you ever tried threading?? Let me know what you thought of this ancient practice in a comment on this post! Thanks for reading, fashionistas :)

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl


  1. Threading is amazing! You don't have to go in as often and it is painless. It literally feels like they are shaving off the unwanted hair. The results are also way better than if you used wax because the arch is more even. I find only one downfall. With waxing, the unwanted hair is on the wax when it is removed whereas with threading, the unwanted hair is all over the place so I usually sneeze :(.

    I can't wait to get back to Mass and get my eyebrows threaded again!

  2. yes, threading is the way to go! but try and find an Indian salon nearby instead of malls - you'll pay tops $8.00.


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