Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chic Shades

Upon walking the sunny streets of NYC this morning, almost every single person was sporting a pair of sunglasses in a plethora of styles, colors, and shapes.

Sunglasses are an essential part of any day-time summer outfit, so your choice in which pair to wear must be thought through. Sunglasses most importantly shield your eyes from the bright and harmful UV rays, but they also can pull an entire outfit together. The right sunglasses will make you look chic and trendy, and make you look fabulous even if you are not wearing makeup underneath.

I believe every fashionista should have at least 2 pairs of higher-end nicely made sunglasses. I would recommend buying one pair in all black and one pair in a lighter tone, such as a brown- This way you can always match your shades to your outfit. This investment is worthwhile and necessary one- do not worry about 'ruining them' or 'losing them' as many people often do. When you have a nice pair of shades, you will take care of them because you will love them!

I personally love the larger style of sunglasses, which I think looks awesome on everyone. But this is a tricky road to go down because you do not want them to be so large that you look like you have bug eyes- such an unattractive look! Measure them by making sure they cover your eyebrows, but barely go above them.

And, sidenote, PLEASE I beg you all not to buy those cheap, fake DG sunglasses or whatever else they have in those random jewelry stores or on the streets of NYC- They look cheap and yucky. Definitely do not buy something crazy above your price range- make sure to buy something you can afford- but please do not buy these fakes!

Happy shopping and enjoy the sun! xox


  1. can you think of a specifically chic pair? I'm in the market for some :)

  2. I'd recommend one of these for you, of course you never know until you try them on! xoxoxo

  3. obvz I'll be trying these on at bloomies after work today :) ps THANK YOU MISS GLAMOUR GIRL!


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