Thursday, May 27, 2010

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" ~Coco Chanel

As simply put by Coco Chanel: "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Well there you have it! I'm not saying that this is true- you clearly will not drop dead on the street if you forget to spritz yourself with perfume before you leave for the day. However, wearing perfume, and more importantly, what scent you choose to wear, tells quite a bit about your personality.

My personal favorite fragrance is Princess by Vera Wang. I swear everyday I get people telling me that I smell good, so I would absolutely recommend this scent to anyone. It is definitely girly, playful, sheer, flowery, and feminine. The packaging and bottle are adorable- on the largest size (3.7oz), the bottle topper comes apart to make a gold ring with purple stones that you can wear on your finger, which is such a cute addition.

Are you spicy, girly, sexy, bubbly, or sweet? Or maybe you're a combination of a few things? Finding the right scent that suits you can certainly be difficult, but there is a scent sampler kit by Sephora that definitely can make the choice a bit easier.

Sephora offers a new kit called "Sephora Favorites Eau Girl Scent Sampler" that gives you eight large sized samples (from .14oz- .5oz) of the hottest, most purchased, and most loved perfumes in the Sephora store. A few included are Michael Kors Very Hollywood, Gucci Flora, YSL Parisienne, and Givenchy Very Irresistable.

This kit offers perfumes to match any mood, from sweet and floral to bold and citrusy. It also gives you the chance to explore new scents and hopefully to find a new favorite fragrance!

Verdict= Love it! (4/5 stars)
You can purchase this fragrance set at Sephora (in stores and online)
Retail price: $40

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