Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Favorite Small Bag- Chanel WOC

My hands-down absolute favorite small bag/clutch is the Chanel Wallet on a Chain (WOC). I just got the black WOC shown above for my birthday, and I am in love with it!

I usually am a girl who only buys HUGE bags. The only problem with this preference is that whenever I am out for a long day, shopping, etc my arm always gets so tired from holding such a heavy and big bag. So since I planned on being in the city for a good portion of the summer, I decided I had to break my normal mold of a "big bag gal" and switch it over to a more practical, smaller, functional bag. This led my to my love affair with the Chanel WOC.

This bag is perfect for everyday and evening wear since you have the option to wear it so many different ways! The chain strap is long so you can wear it messenger style or on one shoulder with a very long chain. You can twist or tie the chain inside of the bag (so no on will see that you have done this) and wear it on one shoulder with varying lengths of the chain. Also, you have the option to completely put the entire chain inside of the bag and use it as a clutch.

With all of the fabulous options and styles that this bag has to offer, it will never get boring or dull. It is the perfect accessory to spruce up any ensemble. It's Chanel- it is classy, classic, and chic- It is truly perfection!

Verdict= FABULOUS!!! (5/5 stars)

You can buy a Chanel Wallet on a Chain at Chanel stores or at select department stores that carry Chanel (Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, etc)
Chanel WOC retails for $1200.

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