Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Re-organizing My Makeup

I love wearing makeup- I wear it everyday and NEVER ever go out without it on. I am clearly obsessed with makeup and have definitely created quite a collection for myself. I was taking out 5 different bags/cases/kits every time I needed to do my makeup. I got confused about what was where, what I even had, and things were getting a bit messy.

The solution: a HUGE professional makeup case from Sephora! I have been eyeing this case for quite some time, but I finally got to the point with my makeup collection where it was a necessity. Last night I went through all of the makeup I had, threw out half of it, and re-organized the rest of it in this beautiful case.

Now I know what I have and I can enjoy all of the wonderful makeup I own. I get so excited every time I take it out to do my makeup because the hot pink case is stunningly beautiful and everything inside is so organized!

Verdict= Love it (4/5 stars)

You can buy this case at Sephora makeup stores (in stores and online)
Retail price: $115


  1. I think you have more makeup than I do! Isn't it wonderful being a girl? I love being as girly as possible! :)

  2. Wow! That’s a LOT of makeup supplies. Anyway, glad you already have a case for all your makeup. I know how hard it is not to have a single storage for your beauty stuff. I also have my custom case for my makeup and nail supplies. #Mana Smoot


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