Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Trend Alert- White Nail Polish

What is better than looking fresh, clean, and bright, especially in the summer? Put away your dark colors, ladies! Bright and fresh colors are what you should be putting on your nails from now on. Although I adore my bright pinks and reds, a vibrant bright white is my favorite color for Summer nails and toes. Bright white goes with everything and it definitely sticks out against tanned skin- it is the perfect shade for summer.

My favorite type of polish is OPI- they have every color polish you could ever dream of (with hysterically cute and fun names) and are of exceptional quality (this is usually the polish they use in nail salons). You get a wonderfully long staying power out of these polishes; They stay for quite some time without chipping.

OPI recently teemed up with Sephora and has created a "Sephora by OPI" nail color line. This line has the same quality of OPI nail polish, but there are many new exciting colors available. The bright white polish that I use on myself is from the "Sephora by OPI" line- it is called "A-ha! moment" (Item #1111228)

Whether you get your nails done or do them yourself, you really should experiment with bright white polish. I promise you will look fresh and clean if you try out this fabulous trend!

Verdict= Love it (4/5 stars)

You can buy the regular OPI polish line in nail and beauty salons. You can buy the "Sephora by OPI" nail color line at any Sephora (online or in stores).
Retail Price: $9 per bottle and up

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