Saturday, July 10, 2010

Calgel Manicure Update

Wow is all I have to say! Pinch yourself and believe what you are seeing- these are what my nails look like almost a month after my Calgel manicure (picture above)!
I posted photos of my first Calgel manicure at Marie Nails in NYC almost four weeks ago now (photo seen above). I loved the manicure and fun white gradation and glitter design that I got, and can you believe it that a whole month later they still look pristine?!
I absolutely adore my Calgel nails. Over the month of having them I have experienced no chips, no peeling, and no broken nails. My nails feel so strong, have gotten incredibly long, and feel very healthy. I would recommend this service to any fashionista that wants chip-free, healthy, beautiful nails! I cannot wait to get another Calgel manicure the next time I am in NYC- I am going to try a crazier design, maybe with some 3-D art ;)

Have any of you tried Calgel? Tell me what you think!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

1 comment:

  1. Calgel is the best...and I loooove Marie Nails. They can do any design you want and their prices are reasonable. They are located in Soho, so the atmosphere is a little more laid back, unlike their UES competition. I was just there 4 days ago, (my third time around at Marie) and im so pleased with services


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