Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Motorcycle Mama

So this is probably going to be exceptionally unexpected and random for many of you, but I love motorcycles! I have been brought up around motorcycles my entire life- riding dirt bikes myself for awhile and riding on the back of my Dad's many motorcycles over the years.

This leads me to some very exciting news- I received my motorcycle license last weekend! This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, and finally took the time to take this insanely intense beginner's motorcycle class (7:00am-6:30pm everyday over the weekend). At this class the instructors teach you all about motorcycles, safety, technique, and how to ride. Upon completion of this accelerated course (passing both a written and riding test) you receive your license!

So, in short, I got my license and actually purchased a motorcycle this week- It is a Yamaha V-Star motorcycle in Black Cherry (absolutely GORGEOUS color). It is the perfect beginner bike, because let's face it, I certainly do not want to kill myself and motorcycling is quite a dangerous hobby. That is why I am so glad that I completed that beginner's class- it helped me feel confident that I can handle a motorcycle and any dangerous situations that may occur (Fingers crossed that I never have to use any of these techniques that I learned).

This post is not to brag about getting my license, although I am extremely excited about it, but rather it is to inspire glamour girls everywhere to follow their passions- Just because motorcycling is considered a "guy thing" doesn't mean that a girly girl like myself can't do it too! I'm so proud to be a biker chick, sporting my pink helmet and pink gloves, riding an amazing bike, and doing something that I love- just because I am a girl, doesn't mean I can't handle the road like the guys do! So this is to inspire all those glamour girls out there to do what you want with your life- you can love motorcycles and Chanel purses, you don't have to choose. Follow your dreams and passions and always do what makes YOU happy xox

Stay Fabulous xoxo

~Miss Glamour Giirl

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  1. psps I got a ninja! campus is gonna be extra feisty this early move in :)


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