Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Going Mad!

Mad as a Hatter, that is ;) It was a usual day- I decided to go to the nail salon to get a much needed, stress-relieving pedicure, but BAMMM I stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes laid sight on this color: OPI Mad as a Hatter- A fantastically fun pure multicolor glitter color, like nothing I had ever seen before.

This color was a part of OPI's collection created especially for Disney's Alice in Wonderland movie. There were 4 colors released earlier this year in this special edition collection- Mad as a Hatter (multicolored purple/silver glitter), Absolutely Alice (blue glitter), Off with her Red (tomato red color), and Thanks so Muchness!(berry red metallic shimmer).

At first I was unsure of the Mad as a Hatter color, especially because it is summer, and I tend to choose more bright/bold colors in the summer (bright red, pink, blue, etc). However, I LOVE glitter, and this color is truly 100% pure glitter, like no other nail color I have ever seen, so I knew I would regret it if I didn't give it a shot. Well, thank goodness I went with my gut because I am OBSESSED with this polish! It is so amazing, and even more fabulous in the summertime with the summer sun hitting my toes and making them so shiny and sparkly!

I NEED to get my hands on this color, but unfortunately it is sold out everywhere and is priced around $20 for one bottle anywhere I can find it online (Very expensive when a regular OPI polish runs around $8.50); but, I am so obsessed I may splurge on it- I am so infatuated with this color, I can't stop staring at my toes!

Verdict= FABULOUS!!! (5/5 stars)

UPDATE!!- I found this polish! Woohooo! I was walking around the mall and decided to peek into a few nail salons, not really thinking that they would have it, but crossing my fingers just in case, and there it was! The sole lonely brand new 'Mad Hatter' bottle of polish in the for sale section of polishes. I scooped it up immediately, and better yet, it only cost $8! So excited about this amazing find, especially since I was so close to purchasing the color for $20 online!
Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl


  1. I actually wrote my Rhetoric research paper about OPI teaming with Alice and Wonderland for these colors. My fave is Mad as a Hatter, too!

  2. Loves it!! They are all so amazing, especially Mad as a Hatter- it is like nothing else I've ever seen, and is actually holding up really well on my nails too! Thanks for the comment, Mary :)


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