Monday, July 26, 2010

Manly Monday

Hello, fashionistas, and welcome to yet another 'Manly Monday'! I am so excited that this Monday tradition has been keeping up, and I have quite a few new and exciting guest bloggers lined up for the coming weeks. I am thrilled to have the amazing Darius Eslami back with us this week giving us his ideas about a very fun and manly accessory piece- So without further adieu, here is the fabulous Darius!!

Cowboys got it right- Dusty leather boots, just enough scruff, and bandanas. Bandanas are BIG. For me, it started as a costume piece, but with my hair getting longer, it became necessary to hold it back – thus, the bandana came into the picture. Not only does it keep my hair from flying into my eyes, it pulls together my look and makes me look fly as well. Feel free to refute this.

When piecing together a bohemian style, the bandana adds a flair of retro for a guy while exuding a pinch of rugged edge. For all those Bear Grylls types – you can fold the bandana once and have it triangle style cover your hair; this is what I call the traditional look.

If you want a more subtle, 70s rock’n’roll look, fold it multiple times, then rock it like a headband. Or for a combo effect, fold your bandana, but leave it wide. Then, once it is around your head, swish it to one side and you have a really sick pirate look.

Between running, Jiu Jitsu, and yoga, I work up quite a sweat. Get over it. It’s manly. Whenever possible – wearing a headband is a great way to combine functionality with fashion. If I’m going out to a bar or club, I’ll put one on for two reasons: 1) to reduce the sense of heat in a crowded social area, and 2) for the compliments.

The fun part is that is primarily seen as a costume accessory, so the prints and styles could be viewed as hipster or ironic, depending on the situation. You have your traditional Western prints (blacks and reds), camouflage (desert and greens), and many more styles in between. A bandana is an inexpensive article that doesn’t hurt to have in your closet- Whether you’re backpacking up a mountain, opening your pores with Pilates, or grooving with aviators on, a bandana is not a bad way to go.

Worse comes to worse, your dog will look really cute wearing one, too.

Thanks for reading, everyone!! We hope you have an extra 'manly' Monday!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl & Darius Eslami

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