Sunday, July 11, 2010

MAC Look in a Box

I love MAC Cosmetics- they are of very high quality, have inventive designs, and never disappoint. However, although MAC isn't ridiculously expensive, it is still quite pricey- especially when you buy things separately, and it is unfortunately rare that MAC offers a kit or value set for us fashionistas to stock up and save some money. Well, ladies, our problem is solved- MAC and Nordstrom have teamed up to offer the MAC Look in a Box kit!
This kit is a Nordstrom Beauty Exclusive created especially for their huge Anniversary sale that happens every year. They seem to be making these MAC Look in a Box kits an annual thing- I purchased last year's set at the Anniversary sale, and I love it! I am actually wearing the Dazzleglass lipgloss from that kit as I write this blog post ;)
This year Nordstrom and MAC have worked together to change the kit and update it with the newest and hottest trends, looks, and styles from this year's MAC makeup lines. The Look in a Box kit comes in three different options- Tawny One (golden brown look), Miss Violet (deep pink and purple look), and Frisky Girl (pale pink and nude look). Each kit includes a mascara, gloss, powder, blush, and eyeshadow that go with the desired look. In addition, the kit includes a face chart (like the picture above) so that you can create your desired chosen look.
This kit is a necessity for every fashionista- choose a look that works best for you and that you personally desire the most. I am so excited that Nordstrom is offering this kit again, and I definitely plan on buying one- I am leaning towards the gorgeous pinks and nudes in the Frisky Girl look. I can't wait to try these fabulous products!
You can purchase the MAC Look in a Box kit at Nordstrom.
Retail Price: $59.50 ($87 value)

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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  1. I'm very new to applying makeup and I was looking for ideas on how to apply it properly and what not. I would of love to be able to have the make up in a box with a chart on how to use the makeup properly.


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