Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals

I recently made such a wonderful purchase that I have to share with all of the fashionistas out there! These classic Jack Rogers Hamptons Navajo Sandals are PERFECT for summer. Almost 50 years after their debut, these Jack Rogers sandals are still the classiest summer sandals around and are a must-have for all fashionistas.
These sandals are crafted from soft leather, have a whip-stitched trim, and a classic flat heel. This hand-laced style is exceptionally well made. They do run a bit small/narrow, but I was assured by the sales associate that the leather would stretch and form to my foot perfectly over time. I can already notice this perfect fit forming after just wearing them for one week. They are very comfortable already, but I can see them becoming even more comfortable with normal wear.
The Navajo sandal comes in so many colors- There is definitely a pattern and color to suit every fashionista's fancy. I personally purchased the 'Platinum' color (as seen in the first picture of this post), which I would really recommend- It is fabulous. This shade is a sort of champagne-ish color that truly goes with everything!
These Jack Rogers sandals are an iconic, sophisticated, and timeless style. As seen in the photo above, even Jackie O was photographed wearing these classic sandals (she made them famous)! These sandals add a timelessly chic vibe to any outfit you pair them with; They are truly a must have item for every fashionista!

Verdict= FABULOUS! (5/5 stars)

You can purchase Jack Rogers 'Navajo' leather sandals at Jack Rogers (in stores and online) or at Nordstrom.
Retail Price: $96

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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  1. Going to get the Platinum or Silver ones this Friday. Thanks for the info and pics!


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