Friday, July 30, 2010

Trend Alert: Lace up Boots

Calling all fashionistas, we have spotted a hot new trend for Fall: Lace up Boots! It would be hard to ignore this huge emerging trend- This style has been seen all over the runways, on tons of celebrities, and in every single stylish store's looks for Fall.

This style comes in both flat and very high heeled versions. The most fun thing about this trend is that it encompasses such different types of styles: they offer a military, Victorian, and grungy chic vibe. This style is not only versatile style-wise, but also very practical for the Fall/Winter season.

Lace up boots are so cool and tough- they can really change the entire direction that the style of an outfit has. Try pairing some flat, distressed lace up ankle boots with a flirty, girly, ruffly dress for an effortlessly amazing and trendy look.

One of my favorite flat lace up boots of this season is seen in the photo above. The Trouve 'Sabrina' distressed leather ankle boot can be styled like Rachel Bilson's look (as seen above) to get her fun girly grunge look. This rugged distressed boot has two buckle straps and a cool fold over cuff. It is made of leather, so it would be perfect for the slippery and wet Fall/Winter season! It is available at Nordstrom and you can purchase this boot for $150.

You can take this trend in another direction by getting a high heeled version of the Lace up boot. This can dress up any outfit and give it a sort of Victorian vibe. My favorite high heeled lace up boot of the season can be seen in the photo above: It is the Miz Mooz 'Solis' Boot. This boot is made of leather and is so feminine and chic! You can purchase this boot at Nordstrom for $220.

Even the outlandish style icon, Miss Lady Gaga, has been seen out in her own version of the lace up boot style- although definitely crazy, and something that basically no one other than Gaga could ever pull off, she is always on the cusp of new trends and willing to experiment with fashion. So, as you can see above, even Gaga has been seen sporting this fun lace up boot trend.

The possibilities are truly endless with this fun, effortlessly cool new style- Experiment with this fun new trend & enjoy!

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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