Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Want It Wednesday

Like most fashionistas out there, I adore Sex & the City. Of course, I was there opening weekend in NYC to see the fabulous SATC2 movie, and was stunned by the fierce headpiece that Miss Carrie Bradshaw wears in the opening wedding scene. Upon further investigation, I found that this headpiece is by TRIVIAL, and its official name is "The Dark Queen Lace Headpiece". It was handpicked by Patricia Field herself- the amazing stylist for SATC! Even better, you can actually purchase this fabulous piece- It is a handmade, limited edition, made-to-order only headpiece (takes 4-6 weeks to receive it).
How amazingly awesome would it be to actually own and wear this iconic headpiece?! I adore how unique the style is- it is so ferocious and edgy, yet feminine due to its lace composure. Although I would love to own this headpiece, I am completely unsure of where I would wear it- knowing me I would most likely go to the mall and get stared at like I was a freak... Nevertheless, I think it is fierce and would totally take the hit of those awkward stares in return for my love for high fashion.
You can purchase "The Dark Queen Lace Headpiece" by TRIVIAL on Patricia Field's website (
The Pre-sale price is currently $400; however, the full retail price is $600.

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl


  1. that is beautifully made!! i don't know if i'd personally wear it except for halloween, but it really is a very glamorous piece!

  2. do you by any chance want to sell this piece? I 'm very interested to buy this for a wedding



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