Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Want It Wednesday!

Crystyled has taken rhinestone glitz to another level! This week's "Want it" item is fabulous to say the least, and is so my style! This amazing case seen above is my swoon-worthy item for this week- how could you not love this sparkling design? And of course it is in my favorite color: pink!
Crystyled is an amazing company that can bling out almost anything you wish- they transform ordinary items, such as cell phones, car keys, kindles, laptops, and iPods, into glamorously fabulous pieces of art!
Their awesome cell phone cases have been seen on numerous celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. She blogged "OMG! Look what made me! Custom made Blackberry cases! Thank you so much! I love this!" about the case pictured above. Crystyled made Kim a custom "DASH" case as well- she blogged about it "Here’s another amazing case sent me! Every Dash doll should have one of these, LOL. Did you see the other case they made me? I die for these!" The cases have also been featured in "COSMOPOLITAN" (as seen below).
These cases are so amazing, I would LOVE to have one for my iPhone 3GS! Also, the car keys are so to die for! I love absolutely everything featured on their website, so fabulous!!!

What do you all think? How fabulous is Crystyled?! I LOVE IT & I WANT IT! You can check out all of their designs and prices at

Stay Fabulous xoxo
~Miss Glamour Giirl

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